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Planning for long-term services includes knowing your options, planning wisely, and taking action before a crisis happens. Begin by scheduling a planning session with a Options Counselor at your local MAP office.

Who should plan?

  • Anyone at any age!
  • Older adults
  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Family or friends providing assistance to older adults or individuals with disabilities.
  • Those being discharged from a hospital with long-term needs.

Why plan?

  • To understand your options so that you can prepare financially for the cost of services.
  • To make sure your loved ones understand your preferences and goals.
  • To get organized and make decisions before a crisis.
  • To find services in the location where you need them.

Where can you get started?

Contact your MAP office and ask to schedule a planning session with the MAP Options Counselor.

What Happens During an Options Counseling Session?

  1. You will develop your long-term service goals based on your goals, preferences and values.
  2. You and the Options Counselor will discuss potential options that may help you meet your goals. Services may be a mix of informal, public and private pay options.
  3. The Options Counselor will work with you to create your action plan: “My Road MAP” including your next steps

Get Ready for Your Planning Session

  1. Check List: How to Prepare for Your Options Counseling Session
  2. Visit Explore your options to learn about long term care supports and services
  3. Browse and Search for resources in your area.

Connect with your local MAP office.

Maryland Access Point (MAP) staff are available to help you explore your options to meet your current needs or create a plan for the future.

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