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The demands of caregiving can take a toll on health, relationships, and well-being. This frequently leads to burnout, which can affect both the caregiver and their loved one.

What is respite care?

  • Respite services give the caregiver a break by temporarily relieving them of their caregiving responsibilities.
  • Respite may be just a few hours or several days in length, depending on the needs of the caregiver.
  • Respite may be planned in advance or made available to assist in a crisis/emergency situation.
  • Depending upon the program or service, respite care may be provided in the individual home or at the provider’s location.

There are a number of public and private organizations that offer respite services. Public programs through the Maryland Departments of Human Resources; Health and Mental Hygiene; Developmental Disabilities Administration; and Aging offer eligible participants various types of respite care. For more information about these programs contact your local MAP office.

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